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Thank you to everyone who supported the Circles of Influence fundraising campaign.

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    Learn more about the £5.5 million of medical research Circles of Influence supported.

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    How Circles of Influence made an impact on campus, in Birmingham and across the world.

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    Our donors helped support the equivalent of 9.6 football pitches of campus developments.

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    Meet Adnan and find out how scholarships funded by supporters change students’ lives.

‘Circles of Influence has really made a difference to me by giving me a scholarship, helping pay for maintenance and tuition fees, and by providing fantastic facilities on campus in the new Bramall Music Building where I can study, rehearse and perform. I can’t thank our donors enough.’

Music student Samuel Booth pictured with Nao, a robot funded by the campaign to help support the education of children with autism.
‘To say that the Bramall Music Building has had a positive impact on our students would be an understatement, and it’s all thanks to our supporters. The Music Department underwent a colossal transformation when it moved into the building in 2012 and has been enjoying its excellent facilities ever since.’

Head of Music Dr Paul Rodmell
‘We’ve created a school that the city of Birmingham can be proud of and donors’ support has helped us make certain that we provide the best learning environment possible for our pupils. I can’t thank them enough.’

University of Birmingham School Principal Michael Roden
‘Translational medicine bridges the gap between taking original research to patients’ bedsides. Medicines, devices and diagnostics as well as health care delivery and education will all be possible within the building, which will capitalise on many of Birmingham’s unique strengths. Donations like yours will help the ITM to save, improve, and extend the lives of many people for years to come.’

Dr Tom Clutton-Brock, Interim Director of the Institute of Translational Medicine
‘Your kindness and generosity means that my research project, trialling a cutting-edge new combination treatment for prostate cancer, began up to two years earlier than it otherwise might have. The trial gave 20 men with advanced prostate cancer the possibility of extending their life for six months.’

Richard Viney (MBChB Medicine,1995) Consultant Surgeon at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital